Abby's Farm Adventure

After being postponed due to weather, we were finally able to give Abby her Smile day. Abby is 6 years old now, but was diagnosed at age 2 with late stage 2 Wilms Tumor. She has been through numerous surgeries and treatments, and trips back and forth to UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill. This wonderful family is stationed at the base at Cherry Point, NC and Mom Katheryn has served and Dad Greg continues to serve our country as a Marine.

They have had to make many sacrifices for Abby to get the treatment she needed, much of this while Dad Greg was stationed in Afghanistan. This family has stayed strong through their faith and it was a privilege to bring them to Wake Forest for a very special Smile day.

We have to send a very special thank you to Happy Trails Farm in Wake Forest, NC for making this day incredibly special for a little girl who just wanted to ride a horse. The whole Happy Trails "family/staff" came together, invited us into their home, cooked a fabulous lunch and shared their beautiful farm for this day. We can't thank them enough for their love and help on this Smile.

Abby's Farm Adventure
Abby's Farm Adventure

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