Reagan's Smile

Reagan Blake Passey, was such a thoughtful boy who was always putting others before himself. Being the 9th child out of 11, Reagan was always the first one at the door to greet you when you came to visit. 

Reagan's Smile

He loved spending time with his siblings and many nieces and nephews. Like most boys his age, he loved playing, whether it was his game system, Legos or board games. He was a scientist at heart, and was eager to learn. He loved all things Harry Potter, and enjoyed watching the movies with his family.

When Reagan was just 12 years old he was diagnosed with DIPG. No one was prepared for how fast this tumor would take him from us. Reagan had his tumor biopsied, and then began radiation treatments and chemotherapy at Duke Children’s Hospital. Those treatments lessened his symptoms for some of the summer, and he was able to enjoy some activities with his family. There was a family reunion; complete with a Quidditch match, camping and boating on the lake. Reagan spent most of the summer at MUSC for his treatments. He would come home on the weekends to be with his siblings.

Meg's Smile Foundation was gracious enough to buy Reagan an iPad so he could stream movies and find ways to entertain himself while away from home. They also provided a way for the family to spend some time together as a family. Reagan was able to enjoy The Hollywood Wax Museum with his parents and siblings, as well as a night at Pirates Voyage.

As his symptoms got worse, we knew we were out of time. Reagan passed away exactly 7 months to the day of his diagnosis. Our family is truly grateful for the generosity and support from the Meg's Smile Foundation. The iPad they gave Reagan proved to be a wonderful tool for him to escape reality for a time, as he played games and watched his favorite movies while unable to get around or communicate. 

Our family is forever grateful for the outings that Meg's Smile Foundation paid for, so we could make a few more memories with Reagan while he was still with us.

We hope one day to be able to pay it forward, and help the Meg's Smile Foundation provide for another family as they did for us.

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