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Adopt a Highway volunteers for Meg's Smile Foundation

Adopt a Highway volunteers for Meg's Smile Foundation


Throughout the year, Meg's Smile Foundation is always looking for volunteers to assist with events. Our Meg's Smile Foundation Annual Golf Tournament and Silent Auction Event are held in July, the Holly Springs 4@4 Race is held in October, and we have many other opportunities to help out. If you are interested in volunteering with Meg's Smile Foundation in some way, please fill out the Contact Us Form to sign up. Please specify for which event you would interested in volunteering and we will be in touch! 

Some volunteer opportunities include the following:

Meg's Smile Foundation Annual Golf Tournament, July 2015

Meg's Smile Foundation Silent Auction Event, July 2015

Adopt a Highway (4 times per year) 

Holly Springs 4@4,  October, 2015

Corporate Opportunities

Do you own or work for a business that would be interested in helping a child's "Smile" come true? Meg's Smile Foundation is in search of unique expereinces to offer to children when a "Smile" is requested. We plan an entire day around each child's interests. Sometimes it's a shopping spree, other times children want to go to a sporting event, or a concert, or to a contruction site. We are in search of unique expereinces for children and are working to create, THE SMILE MENU. This “menu” allows a child to select a fun experience from a list of options to help lift his/her spirits. MSF works closely with health care providers in the hospitals. The health care providers will nominate one child per month to choose an activity from our menu.

Some choices we hope to include on THE SMILE MENU include: Cheerleader with a local College Cheerleading Team for a day, bedroom makeover, cooking with a chef at a premier restaurant, fancy cake decorating, news anchor/sports/weather person experience, recording artist for a day, aquarium experiences, firefighter for the day, etc. If you or your company would like to put together a special expereince as an option for a child to choose, please use the "Contact Us" form link above and send us your ideas!