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Jasmine's Smile

VIP Prom Experience

Author: Terri Wasley   | June 1, 2016

Jasmine is a 17 year old young lady from Roanoke Rapids, NC who has been battling leukemia for 4 years. Jasmine has had many ups and downs during her battle. After having a disappointing prom experience the year before, she asked Meg’s Smile Foundation for a VIP Prom Experience complete with a date. This would be a first for Meg’s Smile Foundation.

Everything had been set up for Jasmine’s prom including an escort from a QB from a local Division 1 college football team.  Just a few days before the prom, we were informed he would not be able to make it. This is when Jasmine’s hero came in – David Reeves.  David is the starting tight end for the Duke University football team. When he heard what had happened, he immediately asked if he could take Jasmine to her prom. The night was wonderful for Jasmine. She got her hair and nails done, bought a beautiful new gown, was transported via limo, had dinner and danced the night away with David!

A huge thank you goes out to David Reeves who saved the evening for Jasmine. In addition, we’d like to thank George Grody, Professor at Duke University and a huge supporter of kids battling disease. Thank you to Bob Clark from 49 Dollar Limos and also to you, our supporters, who make nights like these possible.

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